Azarel ~ 1978
Warner Springs, California

Earth Dance ~2004
Earth Dance ~ 2004

" Lucky Charmz"
Andrew & Sean

Photo:James A. Martin

Chichén Itzá
11.11.11Mayan Ceremony

Sacred Sites
The Ceremonies, Journeys and Adventures in My Quest to spread My Father's Ashes.

Shatzi ~ 1985
La Mouline, France

Jagat...An unusual name and an even more amazing woman with extraordinary talents. Jagat is an accomplished fashion designer, business woman, entrepreneur, world adventure traveller, single mother of 3 children and has been blessed with twin grandsons.

Jagat's first passion of self expression came through with the birth of her three children. Having complete Faith and Trust in the Universe, she allowed her inner spirit to guide her through each one of her birth experiences.

Cleveland National Forest
Warner Springs, CA 1978

In 1978, a Tipi was built in the high desert mountains of the Cleveland National forest for the birth of her first child, Azarel.

In 1981, her son, Avatar, born at home in San Diego.

Avatar ~ 1980

San Diego, CA

Than in 1985, her birth journey lead Jagat to an ancient ruin village, La Mouline, located in the South of France, the home of Shatzi's Father. Shatzi was born March 20, 1985. The wild goats, who roamed the mountain sides, warmly greeted her the following morning as one of their own. Shatzi became the first documented birth in this village since 1900.

La Mouline, Foutou France 1985

After returning to California, Jagat began to focus her artistic passions back into fashion where she draws her inspiration from Mayan, Ancient Egypt, Medieval, Native Tribal, and Inter-Galactic influences. Specializing in one-of-a-kind ceremonial fashions and costume design, Jagat has designed for performing art groups, dancers, music entertainers, theater productions as well as produced and directed fashion shows to showcase her one-of-a-kind designs at Expos and various private shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego Areas.

In the mid 1990's, Jagat began to explore her creative talents in the world of cyber space and multi-media. Achieving certificates in graphics design, video and sound production, she set forth in developing her own web design and e-commerence management service,

Teaming up with Willard Van De Bogart in 1994, her cyber quest expanded into e-commerence with Featuring a line of Life Enhancing Products from Around the World Empowering the Mind, Body, and Spirit

After establishing the ground work for her cyber adventures, Jagat's life took a turn to devoting healing to members of her family who were reaching their moment of cross over into spirit. In the following years 1994- 1998, Jagat assisted her brother, 34 , Father ,84 and grandmother ,105 years into spirit. Each transition a remarkable story! The most challenging and ongoing transition has been her Father's wishes. Before he crossed over he informed Jagat that she would be the caretaker of his ashes and that spirit would guide and assist her.

Much to her amazement, her fathers words began to unfold and she found her living quest now was to spread his ashes through out the world at sacred sites. These journeys began in the fall of 1998, where she has found herself experiencing the most amazing journeys. As of 2004, she has journeyed to the great Mayan pryimids of the Yucatan, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Tulum, & Coba. In Hawaii, she released his ashes in the waters of Captain Cook's Bay as baby dolphins joined and swam around her. Her journey lead her to England, where she walked the celtic maze of the sacred Tor in Glastenbury spreading her Father's ash at sunset on winter soltice.

Jagat's trip to Africa, in 2003, has been her greatest challenge both spiritually and physically. Trust and Faith put to its ultimate test as she teamed up with 3 mountain climbers and hiked for 7 days to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro 19,340 ft, to release her Father's ashes.

Jagat's quest to honor her Father's wishes continues into the millennium as she looks forward to her journeys to Machu Picchu, Choquequirao, Egypt, India, and wherever spirit guides her.

The stories of this remarkable woman continues as she begins her on-line E~Book of amazing adventures.

"The Awakening of the Goddess"

Azarel - Avatar - Shatzi

Spirit Quest
August 2006
To Dare ~ To Want ~
To Know ~ To Be Silent
Machu Picchu

Fore Fathers
Shira Cave
Day 4
Fore Fathers
Mt. Kilimanjaro
February 2003
Excerpt from magazine article by
Michael Modzelewski

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